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The original educational kit came out in 1990-91 and was broadcast from with-in an Ontario public school by Canada-AM, CKCO-TV and Province Wide. We sold over 10,000 units to school teachers across Canada, USA and Australia. We now offer it as a free computer printout...

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Home school the easy way
with a Spellarama educational kit.

If you laminate the alphabet cards they will last you over 100 years. 

I created 3D letters rather then pictures on the cards to help foster
 letter to sound associations. This way we don't instruct the mind
 to limit the sounds for a given letter.
Did you known that boy's lag behind in reading and
 writing because they don't get brain stimulation.
Boy's will just fall asleep on you during the day without it.

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Junior Rama
ABC Runs
Flash Card Fish
Hand A Fish

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--Product Review by: Spellarama is a learning tool to teach the public how to spell.
--Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
We brought these on vacation and had a ball with my new reader (son) and my challenged reader (language learning disability). I’m going to print out some more and laminate them because they are becoming a well-used item in my home school!
  1. Spellarama cards work with a tutor-sounding chart for bonus points that covers the most confusing sounds a word can make.

  2. You don't have to memorize the entire dictionary but merely a set of sounds.

  3. Students will experience problem-solving, decision-making, and cooperative skills.

  4. Each individual learns differently and Spellarama covers them all, from sounding, hearing, seeing, memorizing, hands-on and creative thinking.

  5. By engaging in such playful and motivational challenges, students practice their spelling skills in several contexts leading to enhanced transfer and retention over time.

  6. The psychology of Spellarama and challenges produce a useful learning phenomenon.

  7. The words that players “miss” in the course of the exercise becomes the words that are most remembered in the long run. If you can speak you can spell...

  8. A learning disability does not have to mean a life of failure and frustration any more. Students with invalid spelling abilities will merely fail across the board and will experience dwindling self-esteem.

  9. Spellarama enables individuals with different capabilities to play together while improving their spelling skills and self-esteem.

  10. The education kit works on random chance so even if a student thinks he or she is the best speller, he or she may not be known as the top speller within the group.

Seniors For seniors Spellarama is to the mind what exercise is to the body in keeping synaptic pathways opened... Seniors
Teacher Grade Six Teacher Comments
"I was so impressed on how quickly, the kids caught on, and they wanted to partake in it all the time... even on their spare time".
Recommended in 1991 by teachers and educational departments in Canada, Australia and United States
Copyright 1991-2005 J.Brunelle "Author"