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I created Spellarama back in 1990-91
The reason why I built Spellarama was to teach my self how to spell. I grew-up with a condition know as Dyslexic...
I tried using games like Scrabble but found it to be very cumbersome. You really had to be a good speller in order to play it... I also tried shopping around for other types of games on the mark to help me out and found none...
My first deck design worked excellent and my friends told me to manufacture them because their was a need for them in schools...
I first sent in the card game and rules to the Canadian Innovation Centre back in 1990 before ever manufacturing the deck...

The Canadian Innovation Centre has a process for guiding innovators and their innovations to the market. We've perfected it over the past 27 years. Our process is based on sound market research and original market insight.

You have the catalyst. We have the ingredients and the process. Let's be successful.

The Innovation Centre found only one letter card game at the time.
Lexicon is the predecessor of modern Scrabble: instead of tiles it had cards, and no board was used to spell words, but the basic rules were the same: the player had to create the longest possible word by using the cards he held and those already on the table, earning points according to the value of each letter (shown in the corners). A "Lexicon" card acted as a joker.
The deck used to be manufactured by the UK firm Waddingtons; it is long since an obsolete product. 
My conclusion was that my design had a very unique card play rules, methods and card layout, in order to properly use it as a teaching aid for dyslexic kids.

Copyright and trademarks laws are use to protect the author or inventor and the public. Imagine living in a world where all ideas are taken and reengineer. Would there be any more incentive to create anew? Copyright and trademarks our also used as public heritage that the public hands down from age to age. When creating things be original do your homework and make sure you do not infringing on some else's hard work. We live in a world of endless possibilities that await anyone who dare try to be unique... 

Spellarama version 1990-91 is protected under
International copyright and trademark laws.

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